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How to start a tin can making business?

Time: 2021-01-04 Hits: 208

Nowadays, most people prefer to shop products which are packed by sustainable materials. The demand of metal packaging products such as tinplate packing is rising steadily, due to it’s eco-friendly to people. So it is profit business if you would like to start to manufacture tin cans box in your local. In this post we will talk about what you need to prepare regarding metal tin boxes making business.


efore you start, you have to determine what type of tin can you would like to make ? 1 piece tin can, 2 pieces tin can or 3 pieces tin can ?
1 piece tin can : impact-extruded tin can necked into accept the valve cup, no need to welding, often used for packing spay and paints.


2 pieces tin can: mainly used as beverage packing, various shape food tin can and household tin packing containers, such as rectangle shape pencil case, and round car wax tin box,ect.


3 pieces tin can: mainly used round biscuit ,tea and food package, chemical packing,ect.


When you know what type of tin can you make, you also need to decide what kind of processing machines you want to invest. There are manual making machines and full automatic machines available in market.
You can check following tin can making machines from us:
Manual Tinplate Slitter
Automatic Tinplate Slitter
Two piece Tin Can Forming Machine
Automatic Two Can Forming Machine
Manual Tin Can Body Forming Machine
Automatic Tin Can Body Forming Machine
Manual Sealing Machine
Automatic Sealing Machine
Here ‘s 2 pieces tin can general making process
Shearing tinplate as your requested size
Printing and coating designs you want
Making tin toolings
Punching and stamping
Quality checking
Hope this article helps you for this business, if you have more questions about tin can machine, please leave message below, we will response you within 24hours.