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Limena kutija za šminku s najboljim cijenama po narudžbi

Mjesto podrijetla: Kina
Marka: G STAR
Broj modela:  TB0036
Potvrda: SGS,Intertek
Minimalna količina narudžbe: 5000PCS
Pakovanje Detalji: OPP torba
Vrijeme dostave:  Oko 30 dana
Uslovi plaćanja: T / T, 30% depozita, saldo prije otpreme
Supply Sposobnost: 500000000 mesečno

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This eye shades tin container meets international food safety requirements, can directly contact food, and can pass various food safety tests. All our products have passed SGS, Intertek and other third-party inspections many times and meet the requirements of safe food.

Printing on this tin is an offset printing process. The external printing can be printed in four colors (CMYK) or pantone colors according to the needs of customers, coating varnish or matte oil. And inside of tin can coat transparent oil and gold oil. It can also be double-sided printing according to customers .All kinds of exquisite patterns are required to be printed.

The printing style and design can be changed. The bottom can be print instructions and bar code. The lid of tin can be made of different engravings, and different effects such as open window of lid of tin. We can also do laser and inlay Special effects such as drilling, etc., welcome to inquiry!

ime proizvoda eyeshades metal package make-up tin box
materijal  230mircon or customized thickness tinplate
veličina 208*75*20(H)MM
Printing/Logo  običaj
izgradnja lid+body+bottom
MOQ 5000pcs
Sample / Mold Lead time about 15days for exsiting mold; about 20-25days for new mold (after received the payment and the artworks confirmed)
Vrijeme dostave about 30-35days after sample approval and rece
rok plaćanja T / T, 30% depozita, saldo prije otpreme


    Use to pack eyeshades and other make up products


1. All material printing inks for tin boxes/ tins, including production, packaging and storage, meet food safety requirements.

2. More than 10 full-automatic production lines for tin boxes/tin cans, OEM operation by manipulators, stable quality and guaranteed delivery.

3. The tin boxes and tin cans are packed in a dust-free workshop, with various professional product testing instruments.

4. The company has many years of experience in exporting tin boxes. Tinplate products such as various food tin cans, gift boxes, etc. are selling well in Europe,America and other countries.

5. We have fast sampling, competitive prices, high quality, and a professional quality management team.

6. More than 1,000 sets of tin box and tin can molds to meet the production needs of customers for tin box packaging.

7. There are 10 professionals engineers on tin can making, which fully meets the customer’s requirements for the production process of tin cans

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