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Automatske mašine za izradu kutija za olovke od 2 komada

Mjesto podrijetla: Kina
Marka: G STAR
Broj modela: TM0001
Potvrda: CE
Minimalna količina narudžbe: 1 Set
Pakovanje Detalji: Drveni kutak
Vrijeme dostave: Oko 45 dana
Uslovi plaćanja: T / T, 30% depozita, saldo prije otpreme
Supply Sposobnost: 1000sets mesečno

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Suitable for producing two-piece cans

● The number of stations can be determined according to customer needs, and up to six stations can be simultaneously stamped to reduce labor costs and achieve high-efficiency operations.

● It adopts Japanese imported electrical control system and Mitsubishi servo motor.

● The touch screen is a Chinese interface, easy to operate, easy to debug, and the servo motor is used as the pusher drive device, and the feeding is accurate:

● The equipment is equipped with a photoelectric sensor protection device and an alarm system. If the equipment is found to be faulty, it will automatically stop and sound an alarm and display the fault location on the touch screen.

● The equipment is equipped with an automatic lubrication system to ensure long-term operation of the equipment.

● According to the principle of punch mechanics, the punching force of the equipment is increased.

● According to the point friction principle of the high-speed punch, the durability and stability of the upper and lower punches are improved.

● The upper and lower punches are designed with three-position die shank holes respectively. According to the product structure, single-die punching or double-die punching can be selected

Single punch mould production capacity 20pcs/min-50pcs/min
Double punch mould production capacity 40pcs/min-100pcs/min
Hranjenje servo motora 600W
PLC kontrola FXIN60MT
veličina machine 4000X655X1850mm
moć 3.7KW
bruto težina 4000kgs


    Our automatic 2 Pieces Tin Can making machine is able to make 2 pieces round tin boxes rectangle pencil tin cases , tea can container. It automatically feed and form tin shapes you want to. It can make different sizes of tin boxes cans by changing dies. It can save labors and less power consumption.

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