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Kaleng otomatis bisa menutup seamer mesin penutup

Tempat Asal: Cina
Nama Merek: BINTANG G
Nomor model: TM0005
Sertifikasi: CE
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Rincian Kemasan: Kotak kayu
Waktu Pengiriman: Sekitar 45 hari
Ketentuan Pembayaran: Dengan T / T, deposit 30%, saldo sebelum pengiriman
Pasokan Kemampuan: 1000sets per bulan

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1. The can sealing machine is composed of a machine table, an inlet conveyor, a holding and conveying device, a can sealing head (four wheels), a cap separating device, an outlet conveyor, a pneumatic system and a control system.

2. Using Schneider PLC, fully digital automatic control. Servo system is used to feed the tank, and the operation is accurate, stable and reliable.

3. A variety of specifications and varieties can be produced on one line.

4. The conveyor uses plastic chains to avoid scratches on the tank.

5. The lubrication system is controlled by PLC, which automatically lubricates on time, and the lubrication frequency can be set freely.

6. The head of the can sealing machine does not need a clutch, and the transmission chain is optimized and shortened, which reduces wear, extends service life and reduces maintenance rate.

7. Using double-edged split cover, equipped with detection system to ensure that the split cover is in place.

8. When the tank height is adjusted, the machine head adopts PLC control and automatic adjustment, automatic terminal detection, so that the height adjustment is completed by only one signal, which is fast and accurate.

Kapasitas produksi 20-30pcs / min
Tin can diameter 200-300 (mm)
Tin can height 150-400(mm),height can be adjusted
Capping mode Double-edged automatic cap drop (with automatic detection)
Jumlah rol 4 rollos
Kontrol PLC Schneider
Layar sentuh Tersedia
ukuran mesin 2300 x 1000 x 2000(mm) can customize
Daya 2.2KW
Berat kotor 1200kgs


    This seamer is mainly used for automatic sealing of square,round tin cans in chemical, food and other industries.

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