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Company Profile

G STAR is an expert maker and supplier of creative metal firapotsy fonosana ary vahaolana of firapotsy afaka automatic making machines since 2010.

As for our tin boxes manufacturing orinasa, we are able to supply tin containers which can be used in food package, festival gift package, cosmetic pack, household products and more.

All material printing inks for tin boxes/ tins, including production, packaging and storage, meet food safety requirements. 

Currently, we main make and export tin cases as below:

Food package tin :Candy firapotsy box, chocolate firapotsy box, mint tin cases, cookie firapotsy box, biscuit firapotsy box, moon cake firapotsy box, nut firapotsy box, tea firapotsy boaty, wine tin, kafe firapotsy box, seasoning tin,ect

Festival gift package tin: Christmas tins, Easter firapotsy eggs, Easter buckets, Valentine's Day heart-shaped tins, Mother's Day firapotsy gift packaging sy ny sisa.

Cosmetic package tin: various skin care firapotsy package, perfumes firapotsy, essential oils firapotsy, facial masks firapotsy, make-ups tin ary cleaners tin, ect.


Household tin can package: tin money saving bank, candle tin box, pencils tin cases, play games tin container, kids toys tin storage, shoes polish tin boxes and so on.


With more than 100 sets various advanced Tin Box Making Machines, around 10 full-automatic production lines, make all metal boxes stable quality and guaranteed delivery.

 More than 1,000 sets of tin box and tin can molds to meet the production needs of customers for tin box packaging.


For our metal tin can making machines factory, we make and supply high quality semi automatic metal tin can body machines, fully automatic metal tin body making machines, manual tin can sealing machine, automatic tin can sealing machine,2 pieces tin can machines, and other related tin can processing machines and tin toolings and dies.

ny milina run very miovaova in our earliest customers plants efa ho 10 TAONA. Compare to our competitors, we know how to make good and efficient tin can machines, as our tin boxes factory machines are made by ourselves. our engineers have over 15 years tin can machine expert background, we are quite confident to help you set tin can famokarana tsipika.


G STAR is foana with brief of serving and mahafa-po customers, and we look to forward to be our all our customers loyal partners.